Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gossip, I guess.

I guess I should explain a bit before jumping right into a storyline. Theres this chick, lets just call her Susie Bollinger. I should probably give one of those "Names and Location have been changed for protection" speeches, but Susie Bollinger is a pseudonym I gave her while making a roundabout joke during 8th hour Honors Algebra 2. Anyway, I have a fondness for this girl. She's beautiful, intelligent, humorous in all the right ways, but worst of all shes a close friend of mine. My friend Matt, I'm not going to change his name, finally convinced me last friday to ask her out. Matt has just recently obtained a girlfriend of his own and wants me to be happy as well. Well, reality isn't all that kind. As it turns out, Susie is bisexual and currently dating a senior girl that I also know rather well. Awkward. Susie and this other girl can't tell their parents, for fear of prosecution. I should have mentioned I live in the middle of the bible belt. Susie still wants to hang out, but its still a bit awkward. I'd never say it, but I seriously doubt the usefulness of an inevitably depressing relationship. This other girl, I should probably give her a name, so how about Betty, is graduating in 4 days. The summer will be fun I guess, but any inevitable breakup within 6 months would be on my mind most of the relationship. I can deal with a 2 year relationship, but a senior is always thinking about their graduation. Why a senior wants to share this short amount of time being depressed about their love life is beyond me. Worst of all is that before I learned the truth about Susie's love life I often talked about senior-sophomore relationships and their lack of validity. Susie often agreed with me, which is even stranger. I'm so taken with her, I think I might pursue her junior year, after Betty has graduated and Susie needs a shoulder. That's it for recent history.

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