Saturday, May 31, 2008

“Hate the sin, love the sinner.”

Translation: “I’m a flaming fundamentalist.”
Acceptable Response: “Amen.”
Unacceptable Response: “That’s a relief, because I’m a homosexual transvestite in an interracial relationship.”

Its been a while, but Ive been busy with finals. I got A's miraculously! Even from the teacher who hates me with a passion for being too outspoken. She has taught me an all powerful hate for semantics in the English language.

Who in their right mind puts "Captures the authors true voice" as a 4/4 goal on a rubric? And even after that, marks papers down for being "vague". How does she know what my true voice is? Maybe she hates my true voice and wants it to be something different! I'm listening to Seether "Truth" right now, and waiting for my doctor who episodes to download. I would feel bad for illegally downloading TV episodes, but I don't get BBC 2 here in America, so I cant watch it until 3 weeks from now when it finally airs on BBC America.

My back still hurts from Summer Theatre work today. I built a cabinet, hung lights, paint sprayed, built walls, and got some nasty ass splinters along the way. The theatre is outside, so sunburns are a definite issue as well, next time I'll bring sunblock.

Back to finals. I was worried about my Honors Chem final, but as it turns out that was my best score of all my finals. Combo (the teacher that hates me) was on a hangnail, but my slick talking during our Paideia must have saved me. Apparently my ideas on universal pursuit of happiness not including sadist oppression really struck a cord with her. My ideas never really brought on any interesting conversation though. The teachers( 2 of them since its a combo class) seperated me from the people I would like to have an intelligent conversation with in hopes that I wouldn't dominate the discussion. After I spoke my mind the group couldn't really grasp my concepts and chose to take them at face value. It was at this point that I realized that Honors English Lit will be a break from the norm of sharing English class with people who have no command of the language.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gossip, I guess.

I guess I should explain a bit before jumping right into a storyline. Theres this chick, lets just call her Susie Bollinger. I should probably give one of those "Names and Location have been changed for protection" speeches, but Susie Bollinger is a pseudonym I gave her while making a roundabout joke during 8th hour Honors Algebra 2. Anyway, I have a fondness for this girl. She's beautiful, intelligent, humorous in all the right ways, but worst of all shes a close friend of mine. My friend Matt, I'm not going to change his name, finally convinced me last friday to ask her out. Matt has just recently obtained a girlfriend of his own and wants me to be happy as well. Well, reality isn't all that kind. As it turns out, Susie is bisexual and currently dating a senior girl that I also know rather well. Awkward. Susie and this other girl can't tell their parents, for fear of prosecution. I should have mentioned I live in the middle of the bible belt. Susie still wants to hang out, but its still a bit awkward. I'd never say it, but I seriously doubt the usefulness of an inevitably depressing relationship. This other girl, I should probably give her a name, so how about Betty, is graduating in 4 days. The summer will be fun I guess, but any inevitable breakup within 6 months would be on my mind most of the relationship. I can deal with a 2 year relationship, but a senior is always thinking about their graduation. Why a senior wants to share this short amount of time being depressed about their love life is beyond me. Worst of all is that before I learned the truth about Susie's love life I often talked about senior-sophomore relationships and their lack of validity. Susie often agreed with me, which is even stranger. I'm so taken with her, I think I might pursue her junior year, after Betty has graduated and Susie needs a shoulder. That's it for recent history.